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Picture of the Bidet For Toilet Seat AK 83 when is open
Bidet for Toilet Seat AK 83 when is close
Bidet for Toilet Seat AK 83 when is  3/4 close
Bidet for Toilet<br/>AK Smart Toilet Seat (Attached)
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Bidet for Toilet
AK Smart Toilet Seat (Attached)

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Made in Korea

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SimpleĀ installation for your local plumber.

Backflow preventer included.

The AK Smart bidet seat is our best toilet seat. It is the most affordable electric bidet certified WATERMARK in the Australian market.Ā This electronic bidet is equipped with all the functions necessary for perfect hygiene, such asĀ  warm-water or cold water, adjustable water-pressure, heating toilet seat or a washlet that will reduce your consumption of toilet paper.Ā  Ā Level up your personal hygiene. Stop suffering in silence and start feeling super clean after using the AK Smart Bidet.Ā 

About the toilet seat:

  • Advanced hybrid heating seat provides a warm wash and a large amount of water in the tank for better flushing.
  • An adjustable heated toilet seat that will reduce the risk of haemorrhoids.
  • Occupied seat sensor.
  • Soft-close system.
  • Deodorizer system to reduce odors.
  • Self-diagnostic system for continuous operation monitoring.
  • One press to easily remove the bidet toilet seat (if necessary).

About the sprayer:

  • The sprayer will retract automatically after using.
  • Adjustable water spray or water temperature + spray nozzle position for children.
  • Various washing cycles by oscillating impulse (from strong to weak).
  • Aerated wash no need wiping after using.

About the nozzle:

  • The nozzle is covered with stainless steel to guarantee a high sanitary standard.
  • 3 nozzle self-cleaning cycles (before and after use) for better hygiene.
  • Adjustable spray nozzle for perfect rinse of the feminine and anal area.

About the electricity saving system:

  • Energy system function to minimise energy consumption.


Water supply: Hydraulic poweredĀ 

Nozzle position / Water pressure control: 5 levels each

Ā Power consumption: Max 870W

Seat temperature control: 4 levels

Heating technology: continuous heatingĀ 

Dry temperature control: 5 levelsĀ 

Water Volume (Wash, bidet): 0.8l/min

Nozzle specification: 1 nozzle 3 ways

Water volume (Intensive):Ā  Ā 0.7l/min

Elongated Dimension: W472 X D528 H145 mm

Water temperature control: 4 levelsĀ 

Round Dimension: W472 X D496 X H145 mm



- Manufacturer Warranty

Do you have a product warranty?

Yes, all of our products come with a manufacturerā€™s return-to-base warranty that covers all parts and labour for 12 months. A ā€œreturn-to-baseā€ warranty means that you will need to cover the cost of returning the goods to us for any reason. If you do find a fault with the product that is under warranty, you should contact our support team so they can attempt to troubleshoot the problem and advise next steps.

- AK Warranty

My product has a manufacturing defectā€¦

In the unlikely event that you believe your product has a manufacturing defect, you need to let us know within 14 days from delivery. If your product develops a noticeable problem at any time, please take a digital photo or video of your item showing the defect and email info@akbidet.com.au for our customer support team to assist.

Can you repair my product?

We can offer a repair service if thereā€™s a fault or problem outside the warranty period but this will depend on the issue. If you think that the repair needs our specialists, please contact us at info@akbidet.com.au with digital photos and videos of the problem and we will send you a quote for the estimated repair cost and shipping.

How do you install the AK Smart Bidet?

1) Remove the seat from the existing toilet body

2) Turn off the water

3) Remove the water hose and install the T-valve

Note: If your toilet does not have a valve, additional plumbing work will be required.

4) Fix the bracket onto the toilet first

5) Push the main body toward the bracket completely

6) Connect the bidet hose to the bidet body and turn on the water

7) Plug the bidet into an outlet and turn it on.

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