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Our Story

When us Australians visit the beautiful nations of East Asia - Japan and South Korea - we get to experience hundreds of years of culture and heritage. And there's another aspect of these countries that stuns us as well - innovation.

For years, the world has spoken about East Asia's amazing Toilet technology. It offers an unparalleled level of hygiene and comfort. When we experienced this, we knew that everyone in the world needed this technology, starting with our home - Australia.

So we worked with the same teams that design these bidet seats internationally, to make it very easy and accessible for the Australian population to experience this technology. Our seats are designed to the Australian standard and made to fit on every toilet.

We hope to share them with the entire country and can't wait to hear about your experience!

100% quality assured.

At AK Bidet (AK Healthcare Pty Ltd), we provide the best technology and innovation in all our products, as well as ensuring each product goes through high-end QA control and countless testing so we can deliver top quality bidet to our customers. Unlike other retailers that are lacking the required certification and testing but still sell in the Australian market, all our products meet with the Australian Plumbing Standards. Our products have passed ISO9001 product quality system certification, CE certification for European Union and WaterMark certification for Australia.

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